Building on past relationships where MPS director Ben Newman worked with RenaultSport UK in the prestigious Renault Clio Cup UK Championship, MPS were asked to provide Technical Support to the French Manufacturer and its Competitors competing in the new and highly anticipated Renault Clio Cup Junior Championship.

Inspired by the success of the Ginetta Junior Championship, Renault have created their own version for aspiring young racing drivers who want to experience the UK circuits and Front Wheel Drive Competition Cars as an alternative to Go-Karting in their Mid-Teens.

Using the highly successful B98 version of the Clio Cup car as it’s base, some additional hardware changes have been made to improve the safety for the young drivers in addition to some modifications to the electronics calibration within the car’s Pectel SQ7 ECU to limit the car’s top speed and to also remove the ability for the top gear to be selected as part of the Semi-Auto Transmission Control strategy, also run in the Pectel ECU.

Having access to all of the logged data from all of the car’s Cosworth ICD dash display and Pectel SQ7 ECU, MPS had a number of responsibilities as part of the official Race and Test events, including;
Monitoring and assisting the teams with diagnosing any technical or vehicle systems issues, Advising the teams on how to use the powerful Pi Toolbox Data Analysis software and then assisting the Manufacturer in partnership with the Governing Body (BRSCC) with the Technical Scrutineering and Elligibility checks for the Championship through Data Analysis.