With a bredth of experience gained from working with many of the world’s leading Motorsport Engineering companies, that encompasses both practical and theoretical solutions, MPS has the expertise to offer a wide range of services for our customers.

Our Experience, Processes and Techniques have been developed and honed in the Ultra Competitive world of Professional Motorsport, but this doesn’t mean that they exclusively apply to our Professional Motorsport Customers. In fact, they can potentially make even more significant performance gains with our less experienced amateur level customers too.

Some examples of our services can be seen below.
If your required service isn’t listed below then please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how MPS can help you.

Track Support

The primary service of MPS to date has been our Engineering Track Support. We have a long history of success at all levels of the sport and have provided our various engineering services to a wide range of customers ranging from Clubman racers to international OEM Factory Teams and everything in between.

We can provide Motorsport Engineering track support in a wide range of motorsport disciplines but we specialise in Endurance, GT,Touring Car and Tin Top circuit racing.

MPS can boast a variety of Pole Positions, Fastest Laps, Podiums, Race Wins and Championship Wins with a variety of cars and manufacturers including; Bentley Continental GT3, Mercedes AMG GT3, Mercedes AMG GT4, Various NGTC level BTCC vehicles, McLaren 720S GT3, Porsche Cup, RenaultSport Clio, JCW Mini and more.

On top of this, we also have a special relationship with the Porsche Motorsport models, working with everything on the Porsche Motorsport pyramid ranging from the entry level Cayman GT4 all the way through to the 911 RSR GTE.

We are based in the UK but have travelled around the world competing with our customers , which have been both from our home country as well as internationally based.

Driver Development

Much of MPS’ success has come within the ever growing Pro-AM category of Motorsport.
A multi-faceted area of Motorsport Engineering that requires a balanced focus on both tuning the car to the circuit and conditions, to allow the Professional driver to maximise their talents and car performance, whilst also ensuring that the Amateur driver(s) are comfortable in the car and allowing them as much seat time as possible to practice and ensure they are competitive amongst their peers.

There has never been a better time to be a Professional Driver with Manufacturers having a large amount of Roles & Opportunities available for their Factory Drivers, which they place with their customer teams.
Due to this, the differences between the Professional drivers can be considered as negligible and therefore the most significant part in a team’s performance is down to the Amateur driver.
Therefore, the majority of MPS’ Championship Winning successes can be apportioned to our own driver development processes – the result of which have allowed us to develop numerous drivers with no previous high-end racing experience into Champions at some of the highest levels of Professional Motorsport.

Our skills and experiences aren’t limited to amateurs however.
We also work with young, ambitious drivers, with goals of building careers as Professional racing drivers.
Having worked with many of the top Motorsport Manufacturers we are well versed in the characteristics that these companies are looking for when selecting drivers for their much sort after factory drives.
From this, we have developed our proven techniques to allow us to help develop the driver into the “complete package” of consistent, competitive and technically aware drivers.
Our past experiences have seen us involved directly with the selection process for the Bentley Motorsport Academy as well as a number of Porsche GB Carrera Cup Scholarships.

Us humans are creatures of habit, therefore a driver’s formative years on track are key in defining their future driving career as their developing skills get locked into habits as their time behind the wheel increases.
This period unfortunately usually coincides with working with the smaller / lower budget teams which may not always have the engineering experience to give the best advice or know exactly what to look for.

We also appreciate too that the engineering involved in modern competition vehicles is getting more and more complex and therefore, without an engineering degree, it’s easy to become unsure as to whether the team’s engineering analysis and decisions are actually going to benefit yours or your child’s performance.

Due to the above, we offer consultancy engineering packages which will allow our customers to benefit from our engineering experience and talk through any motorsport engineering based questions they may have and to also discuss the engineering decisions and driver data feedback which may have come from their chosen team etc.
This expert opinion gives our customers peace of mind that they have access to world class engineering at any level of their motorsport journey even if MPS can’t be there to provide the track support themselves.

Component Sales

Having been involved in many professional motorsport engineering projects, funded by large OEMs or high budget race teams, we have been fortunate enough to test much of the latest motorsport tech that’s available on the market to date. From this experience, we have been able to chose a concise range of our favourite devices which suit a wide variety of applications and we proudly offer these for sale to our customers.

Our customers can therefore buy in confidence, knowing that the components that we recommend and sell to them will have been tested and proven at the highest levels of the sport.

There’s much more to consider when chosing the right Motorsport Technology for your project than simply performance and price – the functionality available in the supporting software, the usability of the supporting software, the responsiveness and quality of the manufacturer’s support and the compatability of the device with the other systems in your car all are considerable factors in the decision making process.
We believe that our product range satisfies all of these criteria.

Electronic Systems Calibration

Modern Race cars featurely hugely powerful electronics systems that can be utilised to improve; the car’s, the driver’s and the team’s performance on track.

Much of the modern motorsport industry features homolgated vehicles developed by large motorsport OEMs with very little scope for significant engineering development. Fortunately, the electronics system’s calibrations (especially on the chassis side electronics) don’t usually fall under these tight homologation restrictions and therefore a race team can develop their own performance advantages in this area.

With experience of being both on the development team of the OEM vehicle manufacturers and then also working as the end user of these vehicles directly with the teams, we can offer unrivalled experience and expertise when it comes to Motorsport Electronics Calibration development.

We don’t just work with large motorsport Manufacturers and Professional race teams, we also work with club man competitors and passionate hobby car builders who simply want the best electronics systems for their pride and joy vehicles.
Ranging from a simple addition of a camera system to their current car all the way through to a ‘ground up’ rewire and systems development package, MPS have the expertise to help you with your performance car project.

With over 15 years experience within the motorsport industry, we have worked with most of the reputable electronics brands available on the market today including Bosch Motorsport, Life Racing and VBox Motorsport.

Furthermore, having previously been employed by the company to support thier products, we are considered Experts with the Cosworth Electronics / Pi Research range of chassis electronics and also their Pectel range of ECU’s and powertrain controllers.

Our electronics systems calibration expertise includes, but is not limited to; Sensor Calibration, CAN Network Configuration, Data Logger Setup, Video System Configuration & Live Streaming, Live Telemetry Configuration, Maths Channel Generation, Dash Display Configuration, Power Distribution Control, Engine Control, Gearbox Control, Traction Control


We understand that much of what we do is relatively new technology that many within the industry won’t yet have much experience of.
We feel it is our responsibility, having been fortunate enough to be able to help develop and work with these technologies from their infancy, to teach others of their benefits and how to apply them to suit their application.

We have experience of giving University level lectures to theatres of 50+ engineering students through to 1 on 1 lessons with a technician, introducing them to basic diagnostic functions and everything in between.

We can tailor our education services for everyone from the track day amateur wanting to learn the basics, to aspiring professional drivers that need experience on how to interact with and work together with their race engineer, through to professional engineers wanting to learn a new data system etc.

Data Analysis

We understand that it’s not always possible for MPS to be with you and your track session for a multitude of reasons and therefore we offer remote data and video analysis services to suit improving both car and driver.

We have many options to give productive feedback on your logged data which could be in the form of a report to take away in preparation for your next track session or we  can also voice or video call to talk you through the report or share computer screens and digest the data “live” together – We are flexible to adapt and work with you.

We work with many data systems directly and we also have our own range of data converter tools to allow data created in differing formats to be analysed together so can find a way to work with your log files directly.

A positive outcome for us from the Covid-19 lockdowns was the chance to work much more closely with the latest Sim racing technologies that are available to the public in their own home. The physics models in the affordable versions of sim racing games etc. are now so good that they can very closely replicate real life and therefore our vast experience and honed data analysis techniques from the world of professional motorsport will now be just as beneficial to a hobby Sim racer as it is to a Factory team at Le Mans.

We also offer our data analysis experience to fellow engineers and race teams by helping them to create their own data analysis workbooks and telemetry visualisation display pages to suit their specific cars and applications. We have experience with the majority of the data analysis systems available on the market today but are considered power users of Cosworth’s Pi Toolbox and specialise in this incredibly powerful but complex analysis software.

Motorsport Wiring & Electronics Installation

MPS have experience of creating a whole range of wiring solutions for our customers, from simple connector terminations onto new sensors through to construction of complete wiring looms, and everything in between.

A popular but often initially overlooked wiring requirement of many modern race teams is bench programming looms. With the complex motorsport electronics devices now being so crucial to a race vehicle being able to operate, it pays to carry spare devices. Bench looms allow you to power up, communicate with and programme the electronics devices without having to install them in the car.

All of our wiring solutions come fully documented to give our customer full control of their system and to aid with fault finding and diagnosis if required in the future.

Enthusiast Talks & Presentations

We are very aware of and grateful for the fact that our profession is within a sport that is adored by many. Many people spend their free time and hard earned money following, attending and in some cases replicating the drivers, cars and teams that we work with for a living and are therefore more than happy to try and share some of experiences and ‘behind the scenes’ info with fellow motorsport enthusiasts and fans of fast cars.

MPS can create and present engaging talks and presentations for a wide variety of events, including; dealership open nights, car club meets, car shows and driving experience events.
Using a combination of recounted stories, on-board video footage and data presentations we can create engaging content from our involvement in various top end motorsport events and projects, including the infamous Le Mans 24 Hours.

We can tailor the content to suit a wide variety of guests and interest levels to ensure that your guests have a memorable experience.