Building on the strong performances and loyal relationships developed in 2016, TPR select MPS for the Engineering Responsibilities of their 2017 British GT entry in the GT4 Class with the fan favourite driver pairing of Nick Jones & Scott Malvern.

The Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport was upgraded by the TPR Porsche specialist technicians to the latest GT4 racing specification utilising Manthey Racing’s homologated upgrade package.

Although the Cayman arguably is completely inline with the spirit of the GT4 racing rules, which dictates that the cars are supposed to be mostly road legal cars with modifications

only to improve safety whilst racing, it’s not known as the most competitive of GT4 race cars, largely due to it’s relatively low power output Naturally Aspirated engine.

The car however has a fantastic chassis balance resulting in it being able to make up for a lack of straight line performance to it’s competitors by achieving higher cornering speeds if driven correctly.
With the car’s gentleman racer, Nick Jones, having long term aspirations of GT racing at a high level the Cayman was chosen as the perfect car to help develop Nick’s track driving skills in only his second year of closed cockpit racing.

MPS developed a Motorsport Electronics Package utilising the latest Cosworth Electronics Data Logging and Dash Display hardware to work with the largely standard road car electronics systems that come with the Porsche Cayman Clubsport.
Through this, we were able to apply our honed Motorsport Data Analysis techniques to develop and optimise both the car’s on track performance and Nick Jones’ driving skills.

This combination of Vehicle Setup Optimisation, Driver Development and Slick Team Performance in the pitstops resulted in the Car finishing on the podium 3 Times in the highly competitive British GT 2017 season in only businessman Nick’s second season of GT Racing.