MPS were delighted to be selected to stay with Team Parker Racing and their 2017 British GT driver line up of Nick Jones and Scott Malvern as the team look to continue within the GT4 Pro Am class of the premier British endurance racing Championship for 2018.

With the Porsche Cayman GT4 ultimately proving to be uncompetitive against it’s rival vehicle’s on the typically tight and twisty UK tracks, the 2018 season sees the team switch to the new Mercedes AMG GT4 – the manufacturer being new to both the team and MPS, although they have a proven track record for high class German Engineering and on track performance, we are sure this is the right move for the team.

With its twin turbo V8 Engine providing the much needed torque in the many acceleration zones of the UK circuits and the suite of Bosch Motorsport electronics for MPS to interract with providing advanced motorsport control systems functionality and diagnostic capabilities, the car rights many of the issues faced by the team in 2017 and we go into the season full of confidence that we have the tools to be competitive.

MPS will be taking on all of the Motorsport engineering responsibilities within the team including; Race engineering (strategy & setup development), Systems engineering and Data and Performance engineering too.
The new car and new data system to learn provides a big challenge to get on top of before the season starts but one that MPS is motivated to take on.

Nick Jones / Scott Malvern Team Parker Racing Mercedes-AMG GT4