The home race for any Motorsport Engineer is always the highlight of the season.
But this home race at Silverstone in the World Endurance Championship was especially joyous for MPS as they and team Project 1 secured not only their first Pole Position in the World Endurance Championship, but also their first trip to the WEC Podium too in the Ultra Competitive World Endurance Championship.

The Data and Performance Engineering services of MPS worked in harmony with Project 1’s experienced Race Engineers to help set up their Porsche RSR GTE to perfectio, allowing their drivers to secure their first WEC GT AM Class Pole Position at the Northampton circuit.

The strong one lap pace also translated into a strong race pace allowing team Project 1 spent the majority of Sunday’s race day competing for the class win.
An unfortunately timed safety car removed the chance for the team to have their first win, but still, everyone was excited to take the team’s first trip to the World Endurance Championship Podium.

Porsche 911 RSR, Team Project 1 (56), Joerg Bergmeister (D), Patrick Lindsey (USA), Egidio Perfetti (N)