MPS Director, Ben Newman, was honoured to be asked by his old University to head back to the campus in which he graduated from in order to give guest lectures to their current crop of Motorsport Engineering students.

The University of Hertfordshire and their renowned Motorsport Engineering course was a crucial part in the development of MPS Director Ben Newman’s Motorsport Engineering career and therefore he was honoured to be asked back to help design the course content for, and to present guest lectures on, the subject of Motorsport Engineering and in particular Motorsport Data Analysis, to its current crop of Motorsport Engineering students.

As a strong supporter of the University and in particular their Motorsport endeavours, Ben attended the University’s Formula Student Team’s launch night of the latest incarnation of their student designed and manufactured race car.
Whilst networking at the event, Ben got talking to one of his old lecturers, Dr Howard Ash, who now heads up the Motorsport Engineering department within the school of Engineering.
Dr Ash was impressed with Ben’s achievements within the world of Motorsport Engineering since graduating from the University and was keen to ensure that the course’s content was representative and relatable to current world of Professional Motorsport.

Keen to help and give back to the educational institution which taught him so well, Ben was delighted when the University asked him and MPS to share their experience of the current Professional Motorsport Industry to contribute towards the Motorsport Engineering course run by the school of Engineering.

MPS enjoyed the new challenge of designing Engineering Course content and then presenting this content to the many students enrolled on the course in a project which lasted a number of months during the University Semester.

With a new found respect for educators and the difficulty of disseminating knowledge and information to a large class of students who all learn and digest information in a multitude of different ways, MPS were inspired by the whole project to now add educational services to the company’s product range.