With normal life as we know it completely changed due to the Covid 19 Global Pandemic, MPS were honoured to be asked by the UK’s Motorsport governing body, Motorsport UK, to present a hopefully somewhat uplifting lecture on Motorsport Engineering as the large organisation put together a “Competitor’s Ultimate Guide” of educational content on Motorsport.

With the pandemic presenting the obvious challenge of presenting in person, MPS director Ben Newman was tasked with creating an educational presentation on the subject of Motorsport Engineering & in particular Motorsport Data Analysis with an emphasis of analysing Driver Data and then performing this presentation live online to Motorsport UK’s thousands of members who at this point were situated all around the world.

Having enjoyed the challenge previously of lecturing on a similar subject to the University of Hertfordshire’s Degree Level students, this new project came with the new challenge of educating an audience with a much broader range of engineering knowledge and technical know how.

Tasked with providing a 3 hour long presentation, MPS created educational content which first introduced the basic principles of Motorsport Engineering, a foundational explanation of motorsport electronics and how simple sensors could be added into a data logging system of their own.
Having described some of the hardware behind the process the presentation then moved on to how the user could then extract their own logged data from their own competition cars and then use this to improve their own performance behind the wheel.
Using worked examples backed up with theoretical information, the presentation then finished off with guiding the competitors through data analysis techniques and what they should be looking for in order to improve their performance on track.

With the unnerving and somewhat unnatural experience of talking to a laptop’s web camera for 3 hours, with very little feedback from the outside world, MPS were delighted by the large amount of positive feedback and messages of thanks from the various Motorsport UK members that had spent their evening educating themselves on a new topic and a new area of potential performance gain.
This content and feedback has involved into what is now included as part of MPS Academy educational products for both budding engineers & inquisitive competition drivers alike.

A link to the Motorsport UK’s excellent Competitor’s Ultimate Guide series, which is free to view, can be found here:

Competitors’ Ultimate Guides

MPS’ above mentioned Ultimate Guide can also be watched here from YouTube: