The Covid 19 Lockdowns gave new opportunities to look for performance gains in areas of the car that might not necessarily be focused on when you’re at the track.
MPS, as Cosworth Electronics specialists, analysed the Cosworth ICD Dash display setups that came as standard with the Gen 2 Bentley GT3 race car and identified areas of potential performance improvement within them.
Not only were there functionality gains to be had but we also felt that there were aesthetic gains to be had too, to bring the dash display more in line with the luxury theme of the British brand.

Having worked closely with Bentley Motorsport as part of the Young Driver Academy programme we shared our thoughts and ideas with them, many of which they had already received in terms of feedback from some of their drivers and were excited to commission MPS to make some updates to the Dash Display setup.

Working with design input from the Bentley design department, MPS used their experience of developing dash displays for various motorsport manufacturers to combine our own list of key features with the visual design cues that is in line with the brand to create a new and updated dash display setup for the Gen 2 GT3 racer and will roll them out once racing is allowed to get underway as the pandemic subsides.

Utilising a combination of graphic design software, Cosworth’s powerful Pi Toolset configuration software and our own developed P-code maths and logic control strategies we managed to implement dash upgrades in a short turn around time and exceeded the Le Mans winning Motorsport Manufacturer’s expectations.