As normal life continued to be rocked by the Covid 19 Pandemic gripping the world, MPS took the opportunity of spending less time at the track to broaden our current methods of communicating with the outside world and sharing our passion for Motorsport Engineering.

We were approached by Daniel & Thomas at the popular careers advice based podcast ‘You Want To Do What?’ to go on their show to talk through all things to do with a career in Motorsport Engineering.

With such a broad range of guests coming on their show, neither of the hosts had much prior knowledge of the professional motorsport industry and therefore it was a motivational and affirming talk to the hosts about life in our chosen industry as we could see their interest levels and excitement grow the more that they learnt about the Motorsport Industry.

We hoped that Podcast inspired more people to take on STEM careers in general and hopefully inspired motorsport fans to pursue a career in the Motorsport Engineering industry.

If the topics in the Podcast were of interest to you then you may be interested in our MPS Academy educational services and in particular our Motorsport Engineering mentorship service.

Check the episode out on Spotify here: