In a year of many challenges and pandemic enforced changes to the ‘Business as Normal’ Motorsport travel that usually forms MPS’ business activities, we were excited to be asked to help out with Artificial Intelligence based Self Driving Start-Up, Wayve, as they ramped up their real world testing and data collection as part of their AI model development.

With the obvious signing of a NDA to work with this cutting edge technology, MPS can’t divulge much about our involvement in the project, but what we can say is that our Motorsport ‘Can-Do’ attitude, quick problem solving and first principles thinking allowed us to work effectively within Wayve’s engineering team to quickly allow their prototype vehicles to get up and running with their combination of hardware and software modifications to ensure Self Driving Capabilities are possible with their previously production spec vehicles.

Having spent a lot of time working in the typical “Spit & Saw Dust” Motorsport workshops it was a refreshing culture shock to work within the Start Up’s central London based headquarters which featured hammocks, games consoles, their own private chef and even their own bar for company socials!
The team was comprised of undoubtedly the smartest people that we’ve ever met and their rate of progress is simply astonishing!

MPS wish them all of the best as they continue their incredible rate of growth and look forward to the exciting future where undoubtedly a Wayve technology based vehicle drives us home from the track whilst we rest up from a hard fought race weekend!

Check out some of Wayve’s own promotional footage as their self driving technology operates around the busy streets of London: