Following on from a successful venture with the UK’s Motorsport Governing Body, Motorsport UK, and their Competitor’s Ultimate Guide lecture series, MPS were enthused to be asked to work with the organisation once more by occupying a Motorsport Engineering educational role within their Futures programme.

The Futures programme is specifically designed to support promising young Racing talent in the UK and provides a broad variety of support and education to these drivers as they help them progress towards a hopefully long career as a Professional Racing Driver.

MPS were proud to be asked to contribute towards the excellent other content within this programme, such as mindset training and sports nutrition, by presenting lectures on the subject of Motorsport Engineering.
Our lecture content covers abroad range of topics required to be known by a driver which includes combustion engine technology and transmission control strategies through to suspension systems and data analysis.

MPS create all of their own content and then present this content within a group lecture format at the Motorsport UK’s headquarters at the impressive Bicester Heritage Centre.

MPS’ educational content and services aren’t just reserved for the Motorsport UK Academy students and we can offer a wide variety of educational courses, each designed to suit different members of a race team ranging from the driver through to the technicians, as part of our MPS Academy services.