Power Distribution Modules

Power Distribution Modules are the modern and intelligent replacement for the conventional fuses and relays which control the distribution of power throughout the car’s electrical systems.

A good power distribution module will feature a number of user configurable, software controlled power outputs that can be wired directly to each associated power consumer.

Each output is electronically controlled which allows the user far greater configurability and control in comparison to conventional fuses and relays, such as different in-rush and continuous current limits, pulse-width modulation operation, maths channel or logic control strategies based upon other sensor values and software controlled safety resets if a fault had previously occurred.

As the outputs are electronically controlled other electronics devices, such as CAN Keypads, can be used as part of the power control strategies.

PDMs offer various advantages to the user in comparison to more conventional power distribution methods, such as:

  • Simplification of Wiring Looms
  • Weight Reducation
  • Reliability Improvements
  • Live Power Systems Monitoring
  • Power Systems Data Logging
  • Better Fault Finding & Diagnostics Capabilities

When selecting a PDM you should first design your power distribution rerquirements for your vehicle, in terms of; number of power outputs, expected current draw of each output, number of inputs required for power control strategies and type of communications (if any) required with other devices in the vehicle